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United Art Gallery


29.4.2020 official start on my blog with video:

30.4.2020 Podcast Interview (German) about the United Art Gallery.
Will get online online on the 5.5.2020:

4.5.2020 article about our United Art Gallery from Silvergrain Classics Magazine:

5.5.2020 article about the gallery and my work on:

5.5.2020 Podcast (number 13 in German) about out United Art Gallery just went online:

7.5.2020 Behind the United Art Gallery Video Podcast covid19 art explained - find all videos here

11.5.2020 new Video Podcast with Nayana LeFond

13.5.2020 Article in Austrian newspaper about the United Art Gallery

13.5.2020 online article about the United Art Gallery

17.5.2020 Article about the United Art Gallery on ORF

18.5.2020 mention on the Kulturvernetzung website

19.5.2020 new video podcast with Sarah Weal

26.5.2020 new video podcast with Anton Orlov - a daguerreotype artist

28.5.2020 Article about our gallery on the photographic society website

2.6.2020 new video podcast with Nadia Bulabula

4.6.2020 new article about the United Art Gallery on Jean-Marc Deconick's blog

5.6.2020 Article in Austrian Newspaper about the United Art Gallery - this is one is dedicated to the coronavirus and goes for free to every household!!!

18.6.2020 new video podcast with Joey Pressley

27.6.2020 article about the United Art Gallery in the Lomography Magazine:

30.6.2020 New Podcast Interview With Borut Peterlin of Topshit Photography

More stuff is coming - being busy to answer everything - stay tuned!